Love a Vet

November is always a crazy month with the start of the holidays, school being in session, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and of course, ICE HOCKEY SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So of course it’s the best time to also start a blog. Too bad I’ve neglected it the last week and a half (though I’m doing okay on Twitter if you would just log onto that and follow me at @tinarussokinney).

Today I’m finally off from work (playing waitress so we can put money away for the baby) and it is November 11th….VETERANS DAY.

Why is this so important? Well for me, it’s a day to honor my great grandfather (whose dog tag I still wear around my neck) who fought in WWII; my grandpa who fought in Korea, and of course, Bill….he is a vet of OIF/OEF (Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom). I don’t understand why we just can’t call it like it is….a war. My (almost) husband fought in a war, but let’s be all PC about it now and call it an “operation.” Whatever. I digress.

My life is also blessed with a multitude of brothers and sisters I now have because of Bill. You hear people talk about their military “family” a lot, but until you’re actually blessed to be a part of it, you really can’t describe the feeling of knowing there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who would do anything for you (include give their life) because you are first and foremost, an AMERICAN, and because you are military affiliated.

Yesterday we celebrated the 239th US Marine Corps birthday by going out with another Marine (from Vietnam era) and his wife. I met them while working at the cafe I work at. I have the USMC Eagle, Globe, and Anchor proudly displayed on the back of my server book. He saw the sticker and asked if I served. I laughed. Nope. I did not serve. I recognize I have a problem with authority and would NEVER make it through boot camp, but I am in love with a Marine who did 8 years, 4 tours in the Middle East, hit 7 IED’s, rated for a Purple Heart, and who sadly is no longer physically fit enough to serve.

Before dinner, Bill and I hit up Mr. K’s Books (a used book store near us) and got him a book as a USMC Birthday present. Bill, in turn, picked out a few books for Talia (our baby!!!) He can’t wait to read to her! There is something so incredibly sexy about a man who not only reads, but is excited about teaching his daughter to read!

Right now Bill is in class (thank you GI Bill for footing the bill on that) and so I headed out to Barnes & Noble…one of my favorite places, so I could do a little work on my novel, my non fiction book proposal, and of course, this blog.

My goal is to get the non-fiction book proposal to my English Professor (along with a PIE) before Thanksgiving so he can look it over before I send it off. This only gives me a little over a week! I also have a 10 page history paper due on December 5th. Thankfully, I have a kick @$$ history professor, and he’s open to us choosing what our paper is on. The paper will actually end up being the sample chapter from the book proposal. It’s a total win-win! In English we are reading Chaucer, which, if you’ve never had the pleasure, absolutely hell!!!! It makes up for the fun of doing my history project!

So with that, I better get to writing…. If you see a Vet today, THANK THEM!

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