Military Spouse Life

It’s a Boy’s World

Okay, okay, so the saying is “it’s a man’s world” but today has been all about the BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me explain!

Earlier today, my sister gave birth to baby number three….a boy….named Ryan. So far, I have all nephews! Then, within minutes of finding out the baby was here, another friend announced she was FINALLY going to Honduras to bring home her adopted son who she and her hubby have been trying to bring home for FOUR years!!! Hopefully they will be back by Christmas (can you imagine a better Christmas present???)

Last but not least, I received an email from Operation Cookie Takeover. A group of cookie fanatics got together and started shipping cookies to troops who are deployed around holiday time. There was someone who pledged 250 cookies to go to Afghanistan, but had to back out at the last minute. The coordinator remembered we own a small bakery and BOOM! We became the fill in cookier! (Yes, that is a word!) Bill and I have until Friday to bake and ship all 250 cookies and get them to Afghanistan to the troops stationed there for Thanksgiving. (Also, I realize our military is comprised of men AND women, but the title of this post still stands!)

All this along with Ice Hockey season (I feel like the Stingrays are home A LOT this month), a full time college course load, National Novel Writing Month (guess who is REALLY behind at only 14,000 words instead of the 30,000 I should have today to finish on time), and a full time job, I’m really exhausted!

I’m still hoping to get my former college professor a copy of my non-fiction book proposal by Thanksgiving (just a little over a week away!) and take plenty of naps. The person who said you get your energy back in the second trimester of pregnancy was a total liar! This baby girl is sucking all my energy out of me!!

With all this said, I should probably start working on my history paper due at midnight, or my English paper for Monday on King Lear, or my Psychology exam tomorrow…..oh where to start?

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