Bonus Post: Crazy Coffin Art

When we think of coffins here in the United States, we think of a plain rectangle box. There is nothing fancy about them. Maybe the hardware on the outside is something special, made of gold or something expensive, but usually nothing impressive. One man in Ghana has taken the art of coffin building to a new level.

I was checking in on CNN (don’t read into that…I also balance it by checking Fox News right after) when I saw something which caught my eye. Maybe you will find this morbid, but I found something I think is a true art form!

It reminds me a bit of what I do with cake. I know I have not talked a lot about my bakery yet since it is sort of on hold while we have the baby and relocate from SC to be near my dad in PA.

I love when someone (or a couple) comes to me with an idea, and I can take that idea and turn it into an amazingly delicious piece of cake art. For example, one couple (who sadly broke up) came to me needing a wedding cake. They loved Disney so much, one proposed to the other in front of the Disney castle in Disney World. They came to me wanting to incorporate Mickey and Minnie into the cake, be it a topper or whatever. I just looked at them and said “Well why don’t we make the cake, the Disney castle?”

Sadly, as I mentioned, they broke up, so there is no castle to show you, but I’ve had some other deliciously creative cakes along the way. As soon as I figure out how to get them on this computer, I’ll be happy to show you. In the meantime, take a few minutes and watch the video and see what one man is doing with his creativity! It’s really something to see!


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