Military Spouse Life

This $h!+’s Getting REAL!

Two posts in ONE day? Dang! I told you I was busy……BUT I’m also really excited!

With just 26 days to go, and no real solid plan (we MIGHT be getting married on the ice at the SC Stingrays Game, or we might be doing it in the parking lot…we haven’t received confirmation on the whole “married on the ice” part yet) we bought our wedding rings today. In typical Tina and Bill tradition, we did our own thing. What do I mean? Well, I am not getting one, but two small bands, one for each side of my engagement ring. It’s not a traditional band, but I’m not a traditional girl. Mine is actually not too far fetched. What woman doesn’t want TWO wedding rings?

Bill on the other hand…..well, as you get to know us, you will understand better, but my redneck, er, fiance, picked out a Max-4 Camouflage wedding band. Yes, let that sink in. The man picked out a wedding band in camouflage. In case you just can’t picture this in your mind, here is a picture! In fact, I had to buy two bands, or his would have been MORE than mine! I went super simple and inexpensive, but still!

Once we picked his ring up (mine had to be ordered), we went and completed our baby registry. There is something so fun about taking a little gun and running around scanning things! Again, we tried to be practical, and we did a lot of research and shopping around (after my cousin told us the bedroom set we wanted for Talia was 1/3 the price at Target versus Babies R Us!) There are so many baby items out there which are suggested, and Babies R Us had SO many impractical “needs” on their suggested list, but we are trying to keep things simple and affordable. People at my job are throwing a small baby shower, which is so amazingly sweet because we didn’t think we were having one at all, but we don’t want to register for anything we don’t need or is a waste.

We did purchase the furniture ourselves today. We had figured we were about to shell out $2,000 at Babies R Us, and we argued that the furniture was still a good deal because it converts from a crib to a toddler bed, to a full size bed. We figured 2k wasn’t bad for something she could potentially have through adulthood….then Stephanie pointed out Target has the better prices….yeah, we paid just over $600 with tax and have the crib/toddler bed/day bed, dresser with the changing table on top, and the glider. Now we just need a mattress and a chair for daddy (would you believe Walmart, which I affectionately refer to as Dungmart because of their bad business practices has a damn camouflage recliner? It’s true…and it’s more than my glider with foot rest! Haha!)

With the registry at Target, we noticed there’s a countdown. It’s only 81 more days until Talia arrives (if she’s on daddy’s military time, and not mommy’s leisurely “I’ll get there when I’m ready” time). I wish it would hurry up. We need to get to the wedding, then fast forward to Talia.

In the meantime, I know Bill is worried about being a good daddy, and I just don’t know how to reassure him. He’s already doing everything right. You should see him buying things for her and being careful about our spending and planning so she has everything. You should also see him just stare at her ultrasound pictures. It’s so adorable. Even with the first picture, when all she looked like was a little jelly bean, he just kept staring at it. It’s actually precious! Hopefully he realizes how amazing he is! In the meantime, I’ll just keep telling him!

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