Way to Wait Until The Last Minute

So here we are, 24 days away from getting married……and getting married on the ice at the Stingrays game is a no go because of insurance. We are SOOOO disappointed! Plan B? Well, we don’t really have a plan B. Bill thinks getting married in the parking lot while tailgating before the game is acceptable, but something about a parking lot hot dog just doesn’t scream wedding to me.

We are trying to keep this simple so we can just be married and have the money we would have spent on a wedding, for Talia. Then, we were planning on doing a full fledged wedding the way we want it when she (and possibly her siblings) are old enough to participate.

So I’m lost.

Before we found out we were pregnant, we were going to have the actual ceremony at the gazebo downtown because on our first date, we ended up there, laying in the middle of it, just talking. We had already applied for the permit, and technically have the right to be there from 1200 to 1300 on the day we are supposed to get married.

Bill still wants to tailgate.

All this aside, we did manage to pick up her furniture for the nursery last night. It’s still in boxes…and I’m sure it will be in boxes for at least a few weeks, before we get around to putting it together. At least we have it though.

We also discovered today, Talia likes music. They have something called Belly Buds meant for the baby to listen to music in the womb. We plugged it into my Pandora on my phone, and have her listening to classical music. She INSTANTLY started having a dance party in there. I really hope it’s because she’s liking the music and not freaking out. Bill thinks she wants to listen to country, I think we should just leave it up to Beethoven at the moment.

Other big news? Well, our baby shower is next Monday, AND the Stingrays (in a bit of a redemption move…) have selected Bill as the Hero of the Game for December 9th. Each game, a member of our military (active / veteran / retired) is selected as the Hero of the Game and Bill being my hero, I nominated him! I will try and get some video to show you!

Okay, well, it’s off to go and plan a wedding…or maybe we will just wing it 😉

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