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Write Like Hemingway…..Promise!

Who wouldn’t love to write like Hemingway?

The notion is a popular one, so much so, Brad Paisley has a line in his former hit “Alcohol” which (spoken from the point of view of the alcohol, no less) reads….

“I’ve influenced kings and world leaders
I helped Hemingway write like he did” (Click on lyrics to hear the full song and watch the video!)

Now thanks to Danish beer lovers, The Problem Solver beer is now being brewed to help creativity.

Marketing agency CP+B Copenhagen worked with Rocket Brewing to engineer a beer that claims to enable the average person to reach the desired 0.075%.

Apparently, (and I’m upset I was not a part of this research!) scientists in Chicago (Illinois, USA) have discovered the perfect amount of alcohol needed in the system to help with creativity. To be sure you consume just the right amount of alcohol for optimum problem solving, a graph on the back helps you drink the right amount for your body weight.

The beer is an American IPA and requires about two pints to get the average person to optimum creativity.

Sadly, the beer is not yet available here in the United States (which is actually okay given my current pregnant state!) I will be sure though, as soon as I’m able, to test this out and let you know how it goes, though I probably won’t use it to write anything I”m actually submitting to an editor or professor!

That said, today is back to school day! The spring semester started at midnight and I’ve already logged into all my classes. Lucky for me, all my classes this semester are ENGLISH! Wahoo!

Last night I finished my book proposal to send off to my English professor from last semester, who was willing to look it over before I send it off! I’ll be heading out to campus to drop it off to him later today!

Ciao for now!

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