Letters to Talia

This is the first post in a series of letters I am writing to our unborn child, Talia. Hopefully she will be interested enough to one day go read them all!


It’s less than a month before you’re supposed to arrive! Your daddy has been bugging me daily to “hand you over.” He also keeps telling people I’m “stingy” because I’ve been holding you for nine months, and he can’t! Of course he is being silly, but there is a side of him where he is a little serious because he’s tired of waiting to hold you. The place where we are having you (it’s a birth center as opposed to being a hospital) told daddy he will get to hold you first when you’re born. He has been going on and on about this for weeks. I kind of feel like after carrying you for nine months, then birthing you, I should get to hold you first, but I also don’t want to take this away from him. I’ve never seen him so excited!

This week his chair for your room came in. We have your crib, dresser, and my glider all set up, but for Christmas, I got daddy his own special chair for your room. Eventually I will have to explain to you what a redneck is……it’s your father. So the chair he wanted is in fact camouflage. First we had to move the giant box inside….which I couldn’t help with, so he got one of his hunting buddies who was over, to help him get it inside. This is what the inside of the box looked like when we got the pieces out…


Then Isis, who LOVES boxes, decided to make herself at home….


I fully expect her to try and sleep in your crib with you. She is a LOVER! She loves everyone and she will especially love you! She’s also very sweet. When I had the flu over the past month, she would come in every night and sleep on my pillow. Now I’m better and she had gone back to sleeping in her cat bed, or in laundry baskets.

Here is the final product, all put together, and your daddy sitting in it. When I saw him all stretched out, I had to laugh because his clothing almost blended in with the chair!


This, my sweet child, is what a redneck looks like. A very excited redneck who can’t wait for you to get here. He is always feeling for you, talking to you, and at night when I put the Belly Buds (Bellybuds® | Baby-Bump Sound System) on for you to listen to music, he loves feeling you wiggle and seeing what tunes you like the most (you really seem to like the silly songs on Baby Einstein and the babies version of Aerosmith and Journey (two of my favorite bands from the 90’s!) You are absolutely my child!!!

Love you more than anything,


(Wow! writing “mom” is super strange!!!!)

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