Happy Birthday, Bill!

Yesterday we celebrated Bill’s birthday. He turned the big 3-2!  Last year I did a big surprise party for him (he was on a deployment for his 30th). This year we kept it low key.


Talia gave him some presents, including two DVD’S and a t-shirt.


Bill really liked the t-shirt. A big deer hunter, I was excited to find one saying “Best buckin’ dad ever,” for him.


Bill picked Outback Steakhouse for dinner. He loves that silly fried onion!


The staff was cool enough to bring him a birthday dessert and sing to him!!


Of course being a baker, I made him dessert too! He loves chocolate and peanut butter, so I made a chocolate cupcake, covered it in peanut butter, piled on some chocolate frosting and topped it with peanut butter chips! He enjoyed it. I can’t wait to be back to baking full time once we move!

Today was a laid back day. Talia and I took lots of naps after our busy day yesterday. In addition to Bill’s birthday, it was my first day of class on campus. Talia went to a friends house and did great! I’m sure it was much harder for me. At least the class is only seven weeks. I can’t wait for graduation on May 1!!!!!!!

Tonight we ordered Chinese food and are watching the Stingrays game! Hopefully the win for 17 in a row!

I’ll be back to writing tomorrow!!

Ciao for now!

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