What A Life!

It’s been a crazy few weeks (hence my lack of posting) but today I decided to ditch school and tie up some loose ends…including needing a blog post.

I went back to work about two weeks ago. I’ve been baking all along, but when I first became pregnant, we wanted to put some money aside for Talia, so  I got a job waiting tables. Owning your own business usually means no steady paycheck for awhile. The bakery was really doing well, but not enough where I could count on a steady paycheck. Waiting tables is easy enough, and it can be a good source of money.

When I returned to work, they were already short handed. Then in the past two weeks several other people left. I’m now also working in the kitchen! I love it, but I’m on day 8 with no day off, and I don’t think I’ll have a day off until the 11th when we are in Asheville, NC seeing my dad. It’s okay though, because we are trying hard to save money for the move and buying a house and restarting the bakery. I’m a bit tired, but Bill is amazing, and really pulls his weight with Talia and the house!

This said, I’ve also been up at 4 each morning to get to work, open the kitchen and then sometimes I then go out at wait tables if I’m not in the kitchen the whole time. It’s a lot of hours, so when I was faced with going to school, for a class I’m only taking because it’s required, I decided to take some time for myself.

I really wanted a shower. I get one every day. I know there are people in this world without clean, running water, but I really wanted a shower. So I skipped school, got in the shower, felt guilty for a moment, then enjoyed just standing there. I probably would have done better taking a nap, but who has that kind of time??? Besides, I need to get Talia soon anyway!

Speaking of Talia…WHAT A LIFE!!!!!!

At five weeks old she had her first kiss. It was from Scott Ford of the SC Stingray’s hockey team. Bill let is slide because he’s a professional hockey player! 🙂

At six weeks, Talia received a letter from a former president…


I know the tradition is to send the birth announcement to the White House, but Bill and I opted to not send it to the current administration, but the former. He wrote back, albeit a form letter, but a letter from the former POTUS non-the-less!

We then FINALLY took her to her first bookstore. We went to Mr. K’s Used Books.


She wasn’t too impressed, but we did get her a ton of books!!

At seven weeks, Talia will be going on her first undercover animal rescue assignment tonight. My friend Michelle, who is responsible for saving Buddy and Tremor (along with 43 other dogs) involved in the biggest animal abuse case in SC is now working on checking out the circus and being sure those animals are taken care of properly. Tonight we are going to visit the circus and on Talia’s baby carrier, we are using the GoPro to get footage of animal treatment. It’s nothing illegal…don’t worry. My baby is not in any danger! We are just using the baby carrier as a support device for the recording mechanism.

Any way you look at it, Talia is an important part of tonight’s mission! Maybe this will be the thing that stops the evil circus. Probably not, but you never know!!!

I’m pretty sure most babies don’t have anything this exciting going on at seven weeks old. What on earth will we do next week at eight weeks??!!!

Off to get ready! Ciao for now.

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