Military Spouse Life

I’m Back Bi+che$!

It’s been over a year! I can’t even describe to you what the past year has been like, other than crazy!

Our baby is growing up, we closed our bakery, and I’m back to writing full time. Did I also mention I am pregnant again? Yes, that happened, too.

It’s all good though!

Our daughter is amazing. Talia is growing every day! (They really do grow up so fast!)

I have not touched my fiction or non-fiction book all year. Why? Because we own a bakery which was taking up all my time. I worked over 60 hours every week and never took a paycheck. In fact, Bill and I were putting personal money INTO the business every month. I finally had enough and decided it was time to quit. I want to go back to writing, and with another baby on the way, now is the time.

We also want to move. Charleston (SC, USA) is a beautiful place, but Bill has an entire family in Illinois we miss terribly. My family is all over the place (not in SC) and Illinois will put us closer to my dad. I want my kids to grow up around a family. This will be the chance for this to happen. I may have mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again….Bill is a foster kid. We are so lucky the Amos family took him in as a teenager, and treat him/us like we are part of the family. Even though they never formally adopted Bill, they don’t need to!

So my goal is to get the bakery closed and squared away over the summer, while getting my writing career back up and running. I hope you will come along on this journey with me!

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