Military Spouse Life

The Baking Soda Gender Test

This has nothing to do with the current bathroom hoopla going on in the Carolinas right now. It has everything to do with the sex of our baby….

Modern technology allows us to know the sex of the baby as early as 12 weeks. The rest is a DNA blood test called the Harmony Test. A few weeks ago, when I hit the 10 week mark, my blood was taken. All the prenatal labs came back fine. What didn’t come back was the sex of the baby. The test read “inconclusive.” ITS A BLOOD TEST!!! It’s not like I peed on a stick….so I peed on baking soda instead.

I have no idea the validity of such a test, but the wives tale says if you add your urine to baking soda and it does nothing, it’s a girl. If it fizzes like a shaken soda, it’s a boy!

Being a baker/pastry chef, I love the idea of baking soda telling us the sex.

After two tries, they both said…IT’S A BOY!!!!! We are excited either way, however we will now have one boy and one girl if this is true. I discussed this with my friend Selena, who has said it’s a boy all along, and she even peed in some baking soda for scientific research. She’s not pregnant, and nothing happened.

Okay, on to other things…

Over the weekend, I did a lot of tightening up loose ends for the bakery. I was a bit depressed yesterday about closing it down, but today there was a lot of relief when I didn’t have to start orders for the week, take care of Talia while Bill was at school, keep up with the house, and make the farmers market with fresh baked goods by 2:30. I really need to take some time to enjoy not working 24/7 and relax as I regroup and move forward. I’m going to spend this week relaxing, getting everything settled with the business, and start planning to move forward! It’s an exciting time!

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