The Only Mom With Tattoos

The closing of my bakery, while sad in its own right, brings along a lot of perks. One of those perks is the extra time with Talia. Today we started back at The Little Gym after discontinuing membership because Bill and I were both so busy.

For those not familiar with the concept of The Little Gym, I basically pay a ridiculous amount of money each month to let my 14 month old crawl around a gym designed for shrimps. While the teachers are teaching actual skills and helping with development (for example today we worked on back rolls which help certain motor skills and inner ear coordination) it really looks from the outside like a bunch of babies crawling around on well padded gym equipment for 45 minutes. There are really obnoxious songs which stick with you the following three days, and of course, what gym class would be complete without an @$$ load of bubbles (Talia’s favorite part!)??

As we sat around in a circle today, introducing ourselves, I couldn’t help but notice how I stuck out like a sore thumb. IF I was self-conscious, which I really am not, I would have been even more embarrassed by having Beka there with us. Talia woke up asking for Beka, so since we are both moving about 3,000 miles from each other this year, I figured we needed to spend some quality time together. Beka showed up in a camo t-shirt and miss-matched socks (they make you take your shoes off….ugh….germ city), and no noticeable make-up. She and I matched, but were the complete opposite of the other moms.

Anyway, Beka might have more tattoos than I do. She certainly has bigger, more colorful tattoos! I could not help but noticed all the nicely manicured fingers and toes worn by the other mothers. They all seemed to have matching outfits, colored hair, a ton of make-up, and their kids all matched. One mother is so over-the-top, her kid is always in custom made clothing. The poor kid even came in dressed up as a sailor once. I felt for him. It was awful!

My yoga pants, Bill’s t-shirt (complete with a hole), and flip-flopped hair were no match for these moms with too much time on their hands. I noticed how none of them had no art, no (visible) tattoos on their bodies. How boring!

I suppose something like gym for 1 year old kids is more of an upper class activity, though I enjoy the time we have together there and how much she enjoys it. I started to think “I hope my daughter beats to her own drum.” I certainly don’t want my daughter growing up like all the kids with the monogrammed shirts and dresses. How boring it was for them all to look alike. It was then I looked over at Talia who was sitting in the middle of the floor, dancing to the music, arms in the air, smile on her face. Her uncombed hair stuck out to the left. It certainly didn’t have one of those expensive bows in it like the other girls. She didn’t have a care in the world, and didn’t even notice the rest of the kids having melt downs in every corner because they weren’t getting their way. I have to say I’m relieved.  I must be doing something right! We certainly want better for our kids, but I really hope she is her own creative self! I’m thinking we are on that path!

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