BYOB = Bring Your Own Butter

It was BYOB today at Barnes and Noble! It doesn’t mean what you think though….it means Bring Your Own Butter!

Actually, for all the butter I’ve seen Paula Deen use over the years, she looked fabulous tonight. Allow me to explain….

The day started out at one local Barnes and Noble for story time….which we missed….because I was late. Seriously, it lasts like 5 minutes. She still had fun…


We used a gift certificate she had from her birthday to purchase Curious George and an Elmo book!


Then it was off across town to another Barnes and Noble for our tickets…


We went home long enough for me to apply for some writing gigs, and then back to Barnes and Noble….


Paula Deen herself was there signing books. The woman looks FABULOUS!

She was also really sweet. She actually took Talia right from me when it was our turn to get our books signed. It didn’t last long though! She wanted mommy…




When the meet and greet was over and we had our books, Aunt Beka insisted on something from the cafe, where Talia had a cookie…..most of which was on her face!

Tomorrow is just as busy, but more focused on my own writing. It’s nice to be writing again!

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