Military Spouse Life

What a Week!

It’s been a busy week. Yesterday we took Talia to Lancaster (PA) where I lived for a few years as a kid. She apparently enjoyed it…



Then we headed over to Hershey, which is about to have a grand opening on the make-over Chocolate World just had. Again, Talia had a great time…



Then is was back to my dad’s to get ready to head home.

My mother tried to get us to come back to CT, but honestly, as my grandfather deteriorates, I don’t want to remember him that way. Also, her sister and kids, along with their kids are all coming. That’s a lot of people, all related, and all Italian, in one place! It’s going to be loud!

Then last night Beka called in a panic. One of our cats passed away suddenly. She feels like it’s her fault, which it isn’t, but it’s one more reason to get home.

As we drive from PA to SC today, I’m hoping to get some writing done. I want the book proposal for Literary Crazy to be finished and to my mother for proofreading. Then the following week, I can start my search for the right literary agent, so I can focus on the rest of the research and writing! I have so many other writing projects to work on, I need to be more focused on writing over the next few weeks. Having ADHD makes this hard, but I know if I don’t take advantage of this summer, I won’t have time in the Fall when I have two little ones and a redneck to chase after!

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