The PitMad Popcorn Kernel

If you saw my post yesterday, you know I was excited for today and the great #PitMad on Twitter.

I am excited to report I had not one, but two literary agents give me the “Favorite” and request material from me! As PitMad was ending, I excitedly started to prepare myself for an evening at my desk while Talia played. It’s our routine while daddy is at school at night. Tonight was already going to be cut short because Bill was coming home early to watch the Stanley Cup. I was simply going to send out the proposals and do a few little things….then the popcorn came out.

Here is how it started….


Last night, as I was preparing for PitMad, Talia enjoyed a bag of popcorn, which you can see from the background of the photo, went everywhere. When the dogs came in, they cleaned most of it up, so no big deal….

Then today, Talia found kernels the dogs left behind…and put them up her nose. I though I got them all cleaned up and out of her nose, until I went to change her. As I was swapping out diapers, I noticed something shiny and yellow in her nose. She got one past me.

Trying not to overreact, I tried removing it myself.


I called Bill at school and told him to come home. In the mean time I called my mother, who thought it was funny, but serious enough to go to the ER.

When I hung up with her, I called my friend Selena. She said to bring her over, she would try and suck the kernel out with some contraption. Bill met me at her house and Selena went to work.


I have to hand it to Selena. She really tried! When it didn’t work and we were worried about swelling, we went to the pediatrician. Not our normal one, but one open until 9. We get there only to find out they will “try” but cannot guarantee they will get it out.

That didn’t sit well with me.

Off to the ER.

On our way there, my dad calls and tells me to go get a type of saline wash he uses and promises it will get it out. Bill was hesitant, but we tried it anyway. On the second squirt, out came the kernel…and it was HUGE!

All of this and we made it home before the end of the first period of the hockey game! The important thing is I still managed to get my proposals out the same day as PitMad. Now the wait begins!

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