It’s A…….

With all the crappy news this week, we have something exciting to announce…

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning and….

It’s a…..


Tiny little….




BOY! Because what mama doesn’t want to introduce their baby by showing off his junk to the world!!!!!!

We are naming him Liam Amos. Then his last name is a hyphenated mix of mine and Bill’s last name. Liam is short for William…or Bill, and the Amos is for the Amos family. Bill spent most of his childhood as a foster kid. He finally ended up with the Amos family when he was in his teens. Though he was never legally adopted, that is family! You can’t ever repay someone for opening their home up the way they did, or for treating us like blood, so this is a small way of showing appreciation for everything the whole family does!

The rest of the day I’m working on sending queries to agents for the proposal for Literary Crazy. Cross your fingers for me!

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