Monday Book Club

We need an online book club! As I gain followers, I think it would be fun to read some books together.

One of the things I am working on for myself this year (yes I know the year is half over) is reading more. A lot of what I read is in the form of children’s book….however, I am trying to get back to one adult book each week.

At the request of my mother, I started loading all the books for Bill, Talia, and I onto Goodreads so she knows what we have. You can see what we are reading on the left of your screen where I have our Goodreads feed. Feel free to add our family as friends on your own account! Currently, there are just a small percentage of books listed. Bill has a bunch of Louis L’Amour books in leather, so those had to be entered by hand. Then, all the books we got for Talia from independent bookstores or used book stores have all put their own sticker over the ISBN, so I can’t easily scan them and have to put those in by hand. I think I have done one bookshelf, with several more to go. Not to mention, a lot of our shelves have two rows of books and then more stacked on top!

With our move next year, I know I *should* get rid of some books, but I know we won’t!

I think the best way to start a book club is to list a bunch of books I plan to read, and then each Monday I will report back. I encourage you to read a book and post on Monday in the comments about the book you read. I feel like that it will be a lot easier than trying to get everyone reading the same book, since so many people have so many different tastes!

So go ahead and start a book, and we will meet back here next Monday to talk about it!



  1. Hey there! Is this book club still going strong?
    For the past week I re-read one of my favorite books in the ‘Dani Riper series’ by John Locke. It’s such a good read and can be read through 1 sitting ( I did!) I’ve read 2 of his books on Amazon kindle and I’m obsessed!! I even wrote a book review on my blog
    Comment and share!! 🙂


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