To Intern, or Not To Intern

Before we get into any deep philosophical debate on internships, lets look at dogs…


This is Tremor. He was given a clean bill of health at the vet today, but does need to go back next week for a dental cleaning. He’s wearing a “Thunder Shirt” because he came from a severe abuse case and thunder scares him to the point he “tremors.” He does much better with this on though!


Diesel is 17.5 HUMAN years old. He was going to be drowned as a puppy because he was the runt. Bill insisted on paying full price and took him home. He also got a clean bill of health today and then came home and crashed in the playroom.


From left to right, we have Hunter (abandoned at a gas station), Baker (I got him from the animal society), and Oak. Oak was listed on Craigslist because at 6 months old, the couple who had him decided he was too big. (Insert angry face here).

Charleston, SC, as usual is getting pummeled with a thunder storm, so they are all stuck inside. At least they are all letting me get work done!

Anyway, the pressing question…..

It occurred to me there may be jobs in publishing available which would help me in my pursuit to publish. Google was helpful in bringing me to a website, where I found an array of internships I could apply for. Though unpaid, I could probably work on one the rest of the summer and be almost finished by the time school starts.

I found a few agents/agencies I really like and can work for remotely. I’m thinking it may help me gain a better understanding of publishing and how it all works. It might help me gain contacts and information I can use later as I publish my own works.

The only downside is the obvious….they are all unpaid. This basically means I am working for free, which most people don’t do! On the other hand, there is the experience and possible connections. It would also look great on my website. This said, there really is not a down side, other than not being able to go to the grocery store with experience, however one day it may literally pay off!

Have you ever worked an internship for experience? Was it in the literary world? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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