The Tail of Two Lizards

This morning I woke up to a tail on my kitchen floor. No animal attached, it was just a tail. It was small and resembled the crunchy pieces of calamari (before breading of course). It was wiggling and writhing around. I did not scream though…why? Because we’ve been through this before…..

Thankfully Bill heard me when I called him. He came running into the kitchen from the bedroom….completely naked.

“Looks like a lizard,” Bill commented as we both stood over it while Gretzky, our cat pounced in the corner. We both looked and saw the other half of a lizard in his mouth!

Gretzky the cat, not the hockey star…

Now picture me, in PJ’s, half asleep, Bill standing there naked, and the two of us trying to extract the body of a small lizard from our cat. Great mental image, right? We got the lizard and put him on a nearby cutting board. I had to bring the thing outside, because, well Bill is naked, and it isn’t that kind of neighborhood.

Once one of Bill’s snakes got out and I used grilling tongs to put it back in the cage. Apparently this is wrong, so I was relieved when he handed me the cutting board and did not fuss at me about it.

I let the little guy go outside and we are praying the tail grows back and he is okay!

The reason I did not panic is because the last time this happened, I did panic, and I now know how to react. We had a rescue iguana named Hulk, and one of the dogs once stepped on his tail breaking it clean off. I rushed him to the vet and he ended up being okay. Most of his tail grew back and we had him another year before he passed away of old age.


Sounds crazy, but I miss this guy!!!!

Speaking of our zoo…if you’re wondering how the kitten is doing, here is a picture of Talia and the kitten taking care of business together. She was on an important phone call while taking notes on something. Thank goodness the kitten, affectionately named “Puck” like in hockey, was nearby to help!


Every find anything crazy your cat brought in? What was it? Tell us about it in the comments!


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