Busy BookWorms!

So you may have noticed there was no Monday Book Club yesterday. If you did notice, I apologize. I have been reading less and writing more this week. (Don’t worry, Talia is still read to every day. Sometimes we get to read the same book 50 times in one day!)

First, I’m working diligently to get my novel, “Seeking Sita,” edited and polished and then off to the proofreader (aka my mom) before I submit to Pitch Wars. What is Pitch Wars? It’s the chance to be chosen by a mentor who is usually a literary agent, to help you perfect your manuscript for submission to literary agents. The odds of getting picked are slim, but I am still hopefully for the opportunity, and even if I do not get picked, I’m that much closer to getting my work edited professionally and off to the right agent.

This said, I met up with an acquisitions editor this week (I love these kinds of Monday morning emails) who is interested in my idea for a non-fiction piece on Elizabeth Thorn. Ms. Thorn was six months pregnant and left to care for Evergreen Cemetery during the Civil War. When the Battle of Gettysburg was over, she returned home to find she had hundreds of bodies, already decomposing, in the July heat, to bury. She did this and carried her baby to term.

The story is interesting to me, though as I talked to the current caretaker of Evergreen Cemetery earlier today, we may have a problem with the book. It seems another book, backed by the Evergreen Cemetery board, is already being published. The caretaker doubts the board will give me reprint rights on photographs. Now I have to craft an email to the acquisitions editor (who already seems like a dream to work with!) and explain this to her.

Finally, another reason I am not up to date on my  reading is spending time with family.

Saturday we took Talia and Tremor to Lost Dog Cafe on Folly Beach. It’s a dog themed, dog friendly breakfast and lunch spot. Tremor had a blast and enjoyed his bagel and eggs.

Bill had the dish on the left, and wouldn’t even wait for me to take a picture before he started to eat…this place is THAT good!

Then Monday, Bill started his “Learn to Play” classes at the local ice skating rink.

He hasn’t played in years, and it has taken a toll on his body each time he gets on the ice, but he really loves it!

Talia loves watching Daddy (and Doritos). She is CERTAIN Daddy is a “Stingray” (our local hockey team……for the record, at 18 months, every hockey player is a Stingray!

After the initial shock of daddy in hockey gear wore off, she was excited to watch him practice.


This also happened this weekend. Why she decided to climb off the bed into the laundry basket, I don’t know, but at least it was clean!

On top of all this, I have started another blog to focus on children’s books. It’s live, but does not have much content loaded (yet)! Be sure to bookmark www.LittleBookWormBlog.com if you have little ones!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting this week?

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