Mark Us Safe!

I haven’t written much in the past month because I’ve been sick with pregnancy “stuff.” I’ve had everything from morning sickness to false contractions.

I was resting a lot and then the rumors started. As we started counted down the days to Liam arriving, we heard a hurricane may hit Charleston (SC, USA).

I’m from Connecticut. I can do a noreaster and I can do a blizzard. I can’t do a hurricane at 37 weeks pregnant. When our governor came in TV and said “evacuate” I called my dad and told him to make room. I then called Bill (who was in school when the announcement came) and told him to come get ready to drive to my dad’s house……with 5 dogs and 4 cats…..

We were packed in a few hours and on the road to avoid getting stuck. Apparently there was a huge issue with the last hurricane and getting out of Charleston. The birth center where we are having Liam announced even they had to close, so we really had no choice if we still wanted a birth center birth.

We did stop at about 430 in the morning because we had been up almost 24 hours, and we had to take two vehicles because of all the dogs. The next morning, some woman was smoking a cigarette as she watched Bill and I continue to keep coming out of the hotel room, walking all these dogs, and then loading them. I’m sure it looked like the reverse of a clown car with millions of clowns getting out. She stayed out there, lighting one smoke after the other, just watching it. I’m sure I heard a small gasp when we also brought out a toddler!

The dogs are more than happy to be in PA because my dad has a massive piece of previously unexplored land, all fenced in. 

We took Talia to do some neat things. I’ll be sure to post pictures later!!!!

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