Weekend Update from Ft. Sumter

It’s November 5th and I have NOT started my novel for National Novel Writing Month. That said, I’m going to post some pictures from the week and get started on my new book…..which I actually have to finish outlining first!

Last weekend my big cousin Brian and his three boys came to visit! They were doing hurricane cleanup about an hour away and so they then came and saw us. I know I am biased, but how cute are his kids? They absolutely love Talia and Liam!


The next day we went to Fort Sumter. Bill and I have lived here for several years and never went….even if we both love history!!! Ethan, Brian’s middle son, recently learned about it in school, so it was the perfect time to go visit.

This was the boat ride over to the island. As you can tell, Talia is the only girl in her generation. Brian has three boys, my sister has four, and my cousin has one. On Bill’s side, she has a few girl cousins, but when she is with my family, she needs to be able to hold her own….she’s doing okay so far!


Monday was Halloween. I’ve never been big into the holiday, but having kids who are into it, makes all the difference!

Then, THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!! Since we are moving to Illinois next year, it’s time I adopt the local teams as my own. I will always be a Red Sox fan, but how can you not love the Cubs? Bonus fact: Bill grew up with Ben Zobrist. Ben’s dad was Bill’s pastor growing up as well. This made us want to cheer them along since Ben was traded to them, and having him help break the curse made it even sweeter. Way to go Ben and the rest of the Cubs! Yes, I cried when they won!!! Hunter on the other hand could not understand why we weren’t watching hockey…


The only other “exciting” moment from the week was voting (I did absentee vote because I had a free moment and it will be easier than trying to drag kids along next Tuesday!)


I honestly can’t wait for the election to be over. I’m tired of hearing about it all! The fighting, name calling, everyone getting ugly if you don’t like their candidate….it’s exhausting!

Alright! Now I need to spend some time sending out queries for Seeking Sita and then finish plotting the new book. The title for the new book is “The Grief of Elephants” and it is also literary fiction. I still have a lot to do to develop the story and I probably won’t finish it during National Novel Writing Month, but here is to trying!

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