This is us! I’m Tina, and that is my husband, Bill.


This was our first date on 12.28.12. Yes, I made him take a picture!


This is our baby, Talia. She was born 2/10/15!

We also have a zoo of animals…


This is Diesel, our Chocolate Lab. He is 17 (January 2016).



This is Tremor. He was also part of a major abuse case. There were 200 dogs who didn’t make it, and 45 who (barely) survived. Tremor came to us to “foster” because we already had Buddy (who passed in 2015), and the rescue knew and trusted us. Within 10 seconds of meeting him, Tremor became part of the pack PERMANENTLY!


(Mossy) Oak is our Black Lab. He’s a little dumb but VERY loving. His best friend is Baker.


Baker is our mutt. He is currently the puppy of the group and is 4 (January 2016). He was named by my former roommate because….well, we also own a bakery.


This is some of my work!


Bill helps with the bakery, too! People are always surprised to find out a Marine can bake, decorate, and deliver!


The bakery also has a beer…well, sort of. We worked with the awesome people at Holy City Brewing in Charleston, SC to bring you Pie Face Beer. Here, Bill and I are taste testing!


Here are more pictures of our zoo. Yes, that is a snake. Her name is Patches and she normally lives in a terrarium, and not on my desk….


Ray, our cat, is named for the Stingray’s mascot, Cool Ray.


This is Isis, our other cat. Ray is IN LOVE with her. She spends her days playing hard to get.


We can’t forget the iguana! This is Hulk. He climbs in and out of his cage on the sun porch. We have it set up for him to help himself to the sun when it’s warm. Like the rest of them, he too was a rescue. Yes, we have a rescued iguana.


Here is one last random picture of us kissing the Stanley Cup in 2014. Quite an honor (even if his Blackhawks beat my Bruins to win it!)


Here is an updated picture of Talia, taken 5.3.16. We were at Barnes & Noble and just met Paula Deen!



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