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My Child The Rock Star Fish

It’s official, Talia can no longer go out without her sunglasses….she’s famous!

Sort of!

With all the pets we have, we should really have our own parking space at our veterinarians office. I LOVE our vet. He and his daughter take the absolute best care of our zoo.

We stopped in the other morning to pick some items up and The Citadel mascot, a bull dog named “Boo” was there for a checkup because she is pregnant with some pups. The local paper was there taking pictures, and Talia got in on the fun. Yesterday, we saw the article on the front page of the local newspaper!

Of course, the timing could not be funnier. I JUST got finished a four month fight with The Post and Courier and now my kid is in the paper. The P&C has an insert they toss in everyone’s driveway every Tuesday morning in a plastic bag (because of the perpetual rain in Charleston.) We do not read this insert. It’s not an actual paper. It is essentially garbage. I guess the idea is they want to entice you to subscribe to the paper. About 4 months ago I started calling each week and asking them to stop. If everyone who did not read the silly insert did this, we would cut down on the waste in our area. I’m not a super tree-huger or anything, I just don’t like paper being wasted, not to mention the plastic bags. Every Tuesday they threw it in our drive, and every Tuesday I called. Then I started emailing. Then I started calling supervisors. FINALLY, this past Tuesday, no paper. By Saturday, Talia was IN the paper! Anyway!

Here is the link!

Here is Talia going out of the house in style…

So to celebrate, we had lunch at Olive Garden….because, bread sticks…

Daddy is serious about Talia’s coloring skills. Also, big shout out to my goofball cousin, Joey, whom Talia calls “Uncle Joey.” He was drinking a martini the other night and did not give Talia the olives. So, in pure Talia style, she took the extra bowl of olives the server brought her, and then proceeded to put the ones she was not going to eat, in daddy’s drink. I guess she thinks olives go in drinks now. Thanks, Joey…..

Today we were invited to a pool party at my friend Missy’s house. Missy and I took Talia to meet Trisha Yearwood and her sister when the Garth and Trisha concert came to town. Sadly, I did not get to go to the concert. I was so so busy with the bakery, we had to give away our tickets (it was Valentine’s weekend….we were slammed!)


Missy and her hubby have an in-ground pool, and Talia firmly believes she is a fish….

Also, it is worth mentioning, we gained a new family “foster” this weekend. I say foster because I’m still fighting to not keep it.

Last night our next door neighbors called Bill at about 9:30. They wanted to know if one of our cats got out because they had a “cinnamon colored” cat over at their house. All three of ours were accounted for, but because they are older, Bill offered to take a few pictures to post on the Facebook page for our neighborhood. I told him to not dare come back with a cat. He kept the promise he made to leave the cat there as he ran out the door. When he came back, he revealed a picture of a kitten only weeks old and NOT cinnamon colored.


The kitten could not be any cuter, but I was instantly sure it was a stray. It’s only a few weeks old…maybe 8?

I was relieved Bill had not brought the cat home….but sure enough, at 11:00 pm, the damn phone rang again. I didn’t even have to ask…I knew it was Ted next door. He told Bill his cat was trying to kill the kitten and asked us to come get it. Bill tore out the door, carrier in hand, and brought back the cat.

One of the things I LOVE about my husband is his caring heart…..that caring heart however has already brought home too many pets. It’s been here 24 hours now. No one on the Facebook page is claiming the cat and Bill went and named it. He’s calling it “Puck” like a hockey puck, because he’s all over the place! He also let Talia play with it. I have a feeling I am going to lose the battle of the Puck….


Despite all the activity around our house, I’ve managed to get a LOT of writing done on my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo. Tomorrow (Monday the 4th) I will talk a bit more about it during Book Club. I will review the book I read over the week and talk about the passing of Elie Wiesel. Be sure to sign up to get notifications in your email box each time I post!

For my American friends celebrating this weekend, please have a SAFE and fun weekend!

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The Hydrogen Sulfate Conundrum

What happens when five dogs eat 20 pounds of cat food? You end up awake all night forced into breathing the wretchedness that is rotten broccoli and dying chicken smell, in the form of hydrogen sulfate. You do this while the main commode for the house continuously runs all night long because it decides to break at 11 pm.

You flush the toilet several times to try and fix it, but each time only changes the sound. First it sputtered. Then it hissed. Next came the foghorn sound, followed by the puttering noise. No matter how much you flush and “jiggle the handle,” the noise just changes like when you forward through a CD. The problem is, all the songs suck except the one you bought the CD for, so you keep skipping to the next track, (Hello, I’m looking at you Adele!).

So this was my night. Lucky for me, all 5 dogs slept with us last night, including Baker who usually sleeps on the couch (not sure if he’s protecting the door or just figures it’s more comfortable than the dog beds we have). Last night he was kind enough to sleep in the bed, with his head at the foot, and his rear end facing me. I have a feeling he was the instigator of getting into the cat food bin, and ate the most. He was the only one who still didn’t want dinner.

Oh, keep in mind, the toddler and the redneck (yes, my husband, whom I love more than anything, is a redneck….just look through my pictures) were also kind enough to add their own hydrogen sulfate to the mix as they slept.

I digress.

Why does this matter? Because I had a LOT to do today….and I am just dragging. Being pregnant takes a lot of energy, but when that alarm went off this morning to get Talia ready for The Little Gym, I was already wide awake.

Bill took Talia to her class, but we had a ton of errands to run and then I needed to get ready for CampNaNoWriMo!

If you have heard of National Novel Writing Month, you know about the challenge to write a novel in a month. Actually, it’s 50,000 words in a month, which is really more of a novella than novel….BUT IT’S IN A MONTH!

In July, Camp NaNoWriMo takes place. There are a lot less rules. The idea is to get you writing. If you’re a writer, you need to check this out. You pick your word count, and you can work on a project in progress…which is my plan.

I am about seven chapters into Seeking Sita, and would like to finish this month so my editor (aka “mom”) can edit. My friend Kim, also a writer, talked me into Camp NaNo and I think having challenges and other writers around via internet will help me meet this goal!

If you are an author and would like to participate, feel free to check out the website and find me!