How To Rescue A Cat In A Tree

Remember The Golden Girls? Use the Sophia voice here:

Picture it: Charleston, SC, summer, 2016. The AC is broken. I’m pregnant. It’s hot as Hades….Our buddy can’t get out here for days to look at it. Finally, after 5 days, he tells us the unit needs to be replaced.


I’m ready to go full crazy Italian on my husband. The house is registering in the high 80’s….like 87 dang degrees. Also, the animals all thought it was time to cuddle…here Gretzky was just camping out on me…..

Finally, we just caved and call the landlord. We had to break it to her we were moving and NOT buying the house…oh and we need a new AC unit.

Thankfully she sent her guy and he was able to clean the coil. By 11 last night, we had cool air blowing.

As I lay in bed last night, I planned a great post for today about everything that has taken place over the past week…….then I heard meowing.

Puck, the kitten, had not been in the bedroom at all last night, but I assumed he got himself stuck in the garage.

No such luck.

Bill went on a hunt for Puck this morning, and found him….in the tree, outside, about 20 feet in the air, if not higher…..

In case you wanted to know, the fire department will not come out unless the tree is close to the street. Animal Control just doesn’t answer their phone. After an initial 20 minutes trying to get up the tree, Bill came down and had to get the chain saw out so he could get back up the tree. So glad we had his deer hunting stand ready to go. Normally I can’t stand the thought of hunting, but for once his hobby came in handy.


Puck in the tree…..he’s over 20 feet up.


Oak (left) and Baker did not understand what was going on really, just that daddy was in the back yard and stuff was falling from the sky….



I don’t have pictures of the actual rescue because it was all too funny not to stream live on Facebook, but once Bill got to Puck, the kitten did NOT want to come down. He was holding on for dear life and cried like crazy before getting a ride down.

While all this is going on….the neighbor responsible for dumping the cat on us in the first place decides to come over and watch. I pretty much wanted to punch him as he stood on his flip phone talking to his wife about what was happening. I refrained because he’s REALLY old.



I have a lot of catching up to do around the house because I just could not be productive in the heat!


The Tail of Two Lizards

This morning I woke up to a tail on my kitchen floor. No animal attached, it was just a tail. It was small and resembled the crunchy pieces of calamari (before breading of course). It was wiggling and writhing around. I did not scream though…why? Because we’ve been through this before…..

Thankfully Bill heard me when I called him. He came running into the kitchen from the bedroom….completely naked.

“Looks like a lizard,” Bill commented as we both stood over it while Gretzky, our cat pounced in the corner. We both looked and saw the other half of a lizard in his mouth!

Gretzky the cat, not the hockey star…

Now picture me, in PJ’s, half asleep, Bill standing there naked, and the two of us trying to extract the body of a small lizard from our cat. Great mental image, right? We got the lizard and put him on a nearby cutting board. I had to bring the thing outside, because, well Bill is naked, and it isn’t that kind of neighborhood.

Once one of Bill’s snakes got out and I used grilling tongs to put it back in the cage. Apparently this is wrong, so I was relieved when he handed me the cutting board and did not fuss at me about it.

I let the little guy go outside and we are praying the tail grows back and he is okay!

The reason I did not panic is because the last time this happened, I did panic, and I now know how to react. We had a rescue iguana named Hulk, and one of the dogs once stepped on his tail breaking it clean off. I rushed him to the vet and he ended up being okay. Most of his tail grew back and we had him another year before he passed away of old age.


Sounds crazy, but I miss this guy!!!!

Speaking of our zoo…if you’re wondering how the kitten is doing, here is a picture of Talia and the kitten taking care of business together. She was on an important phone call while taking notes on something. Thank goodness the kitten, affectionately named “Puck” like in hockey, was nearby to help!


Every find anything crazy your cat brought in? What was it? Tell us about it in the comments!



How I Ended Up On The FBI Watch List (Probably)

Okay, so I don’t know for sure if I am actually on the FBI watch list, but it’s a pretty safe bet. Here is what happened:

It started with Isis…the cat, not the terrorist group. In 2010 when I was at the pet supply store with my yellow lab, a kitten up for adoption reached through the cage and started petting my dog on the nose. Her name was Izzy and I took her home. At the time, I was plotting a book (I am yet to write) about ancient Egypt. I had studied some of the goddesses from the era and loved the name Isis. It meant new life, which is what this kitten was getting.

Here is a picture of Isis with our iguana “Hulk.” He has since passed away of old age, but he was pretty cool!

Around the time Isis came home with me, social media started gaining popularity. Of course I was posting pictures of my sweet kitten, left and right. This was also the time the terrorist group started becoming popular. Since we all know the FBI and NSA watch social media, I was sure it was too late to change her name….I was already on the list, I’m sure.

Fast forward to this week. My friend Kim (also a writer) and I were helping each other on some story telling aspects as well as doing some of our own research for our novels. Using social media (we usually talk through Twitter or FB Messaging) we discussed how to blow up a large number of people outside a garage as well as how to traffic small children into the sex trade in India. Do you see the problem here?

Both of these instances are for research for books and not because we actually want to blow anything up or traffic anyone…however, a recent article revealed certain “target” words (target is actually one of the words) used on social media will land you on watch lists.

Keeping in mind my husband is a US Marine and we both LOVE our country, we are rather safe. I may be made of Italian part, but I am 100% American. There is no where else I would rather raise my family. Bill and I are lucky, we are living the American dream, and would never pose a threat to our country or fellow Americans. Even still, I can only imagine what the FBI/NSA/Etc thinks when they look at my social media. I can just see their faces if they were to access my browser history…….and it’s all in the name of literature! (How else can I write the next great American novel?!!!”

I worry one day I will end up in some predicament where my computer is seized and they look at it and think something is going on that really isn’t! I only hope I will be able to explain myself should the FBI come knocking!

Anyway, in other news, today was Story Time for Talia at Barnes and Noble. Daddy brought her because I had to see my shrink first thing this morning (she isn’t your typical shrink….we have a very friendly relationship, and I should probably start thinking about a good Christmas present…).

I met them at the bookstore and I was able to find Night by Elie Wiesel. Instead of waiting for it to come from Amazon, I whipped out my coupon and member card and made the purchase. (It is still cheaper from Amazon if you can wait.) I should have it finished for the book club on Monday, so make sure to follow the blog!

Talia picked out two books to read (well, for us to read to her) and Daddy found her a Dr. Seuss hat!

Also, in case you are wondering….the kitten is STILL here. Today he is helping me write….

I have been averaging about 5,000 words a day on my novel “Seeking Sita,” so maybe the cat isn’t a bad idea after all…..