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I’m Still Here!

Wow! It’s been a minute since I updated the blog…. So sorry!

It’s been a crazy month….and I’m exhausted. We are finally in the last trimester of pregnancy and I just have no energy. I HAVE to take a nap each day….which is making me look long and hard at my caffeine consumption from before getting pregnant. I really need to not drink so much caffeine when little Liam is out and it’s safe again.

So here’s the update!


Talia got to go on the ice for the first time:


And took off as soon as she could the second go around…


So when she turned 18 months, Daddy got her gloves and a stick:


She’s obsessed!


She loves being at the arena and was so excited to see Daddy play his first game.


She loves swim class……yes, they finally took care of the kid who made himself sick so he didn’t have to get in the pool…


She’s also enjoying her friend Wyatt being in town for summer vacation with his dad and step-mom!

When I’m not busy with Talia, I am working on my vegan sugar scrub business. It’s soap and sugar scrubs for the skin, made from sugar and essential oils (and other vegan products). I’m having a lot of fun with it. You can visit the new website here!


I also was supposed to start school today. Even though I spent all of last Monday at the school making sure everything was in order, only to get to class today and get dropped. I’m furious and have been waiting all day to hear it’s been fixed. It was their error, so they should fix it, but I’m already worried about falling behind in math and now I’m missing class time.

Because I’ve been sick and really exhausted, I haven’t been reading much. I will hopefully get back to that soon. My mom got my novel back to me and the edits are all made. I’m working on sending out my query to agents! Hopefully one requests the full manuscript and then sends an offer of representation! It’s a bit more complicated than that, but I’m hopeful!

Phew, that’s a lot! What’s new with you?

Military Spouse Life

Time Off

Sometimes you just need time off. While I realize I was away from blogging for a long time (a year!) I just needed some down time the last few weeks. Hopefully no one missed me.

So here is what went on…..

My grandfather passed away on the 14th. It was sad, but at the same time, I have to remember the following:

  • He was given 6 months to live when he got back from the Korean War (over 50 years ago)
  • He got to watch both his daughters grow up
  • He survived a heart attack 17 years ago which killed the entire back wall of his heart…
  • He survived 4 out of 5 son-in-laws (my sweet step-dad should be proud. My aunt needs to stop dating all-together).
  • He watched his 8 living grandchildren grow up
  • He saw most of us get married
  • He met all of our children (8 great grandchildren and 1 step great grandchild)
  • He successfully scared each of his children and all 8 grandchildren into being exceptional drivers. None of us have ever caused a serious accident!
  • He proudly served his country in the US Army and completed his assignment
  • He only broke one bone at my (DRY) wedding when he got drunk and fell in the parking lot.

Over all, we were REALLY lucky to have had him at all!

Beyond the obvious sadness associated with a death in the family, I just needed some time to relax. Depression is a funny thing. Having a death in the family can trigger deeper depressive emotions. Thankfully, I didn’t “spiral” and get even more depressed.

While closing my bakery was also a potential cause to really make my depression worse, I actually have been working at another business which is somewhat related to baking. I get to use a lot of the equipment I already have, and I can do it right out of my kitchen. Bill is helping to get the new setup installed, and hopefully I will be able to make the big reveal to you later this week!!! I’m really excited for this one.

I’m also plugging along working on “Literary Crazy” and interviewed this week for a staff writer job with a company responsible for veterinary websites! Cross fingers!