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Writing Through Sadness

Again with the tragedy in my family. On Monday my cousin Brian lost his wife, Angie. She was 35. I don’t have the details of what happened, but it really made me sad this week. I did not go to GA (I’m in SC) for the funeral because of the pregnancy. Traveling is extremely uncomfortable for me.

Instead, I’ve been working diligently on my novel, Seeking Sita. This morning I spent over an hour on the phone with my mother, going over chapters 1-3 and fixing grammar. I feel really great about the start to this book, so on my writing website ( I am going to post the first chapter. Hopefully the right agent will see it and want more!

In the meantime, Literary Crazy is still with my professor, whom I would like an opinion from before I continue to send to agents. I sent the two agents who requested the proposal from #PitMad their copies, and received rejection from one already. My mom felt bad (I think) and was quick to remind me James Patterson received something crazy like 39 rejection before he got his first book deal.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading to Talia who is LOVING books. She really enjoys being read to and helping turn the pages. We went to story time last Saturday and hopefully we will go again tomorrow and make it our Saturday mom and daughter date. It helps that Barnes and Noble has cheesecake to share after story time!

I encourage you to head over to my website this week and check out Chapter 1 of Seeking Sita. I would love some feedback! Also, feel free to share here what you’re working on!

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No Reverse Camera Here

In the past year, we purchased a new car for me to drive. It’s perfect for delivering cakes and is top rated for safety for Talia. Bill picked out the vehicle, I literally just showed up to trade in my old truck. The car also has a back up camera. I’m not sure how it happened, but the car now has a smashed tail light from where I backed up into a truck. A large truck. A large box truck. It’s not pretty, and I really need to fix it! (Just the cover is busted, not the actual light itself.)

Anyway. Why do I bring this up? Because today my not-so-biological-sister, Beka and I were at Panera Bread working on a book we are writing together. As I transition back into the writing world, and set baking aside (for now), I felt compelled to tell her my progress. After announcing I had this blog back up and running, Beka quickly informed me she not only knew this, but had gone back and re-read the entire blog.

Panic set in. I had NO idea what I had written here! So I went back. I re-read most of what I had written. I wanted to reverse and delete it all, but quickly decided against it. What I wrote was important at one time, and it also reminded me of some goals I had set (and have not met) but need to bring back to life.

In no particular order, I’m working on the following:

  • Literary Crazy – Finish sample chapter and send to potential agents.
  • Pie Blog – I’m going to start another blog completely dedicated to my love of pie. I’m hoping it will help me pitch and sell my bake book.
  • Outline and complete a bake book proposal.
  • Having 1 assignment a month for an article in a glossy magazine.
  • Harper – Beka and I are writing a book about her son, Harper. Sadly, Harper was not with us very long. It’s a “based on a true story” book.
  • Read at least 2 books a month. I am horrible at this one!
  • Revamp my author website.
  • Keep this blog going and growing!
  • Pick up my other fiction book, Seeking Sita, as soon as I’m done writing with Beka.
  • Be a good mom while reviving my writing career. I know these are in no particular order, but I owe it to Talia (and the new baby) to make this number one!

I hope setting these goals here helps me continue moving forward and not in reverse.

What are some of your goals? I find as someone with ADHD and depression, goals help keep me on task! How many goals do you keep at once? Do you set time limits? Tell us!

Ciao for now!