The Case for Peter Rabbit…err…Gizmo

First let me preface this post by saying I do not believe once you adopt an animal as a pet, you should just willy-nilly get rid of the pet. This said, Bill and I did recently agree to find a new home for his snakes.

For starters, moving them home to Illinois from South Carolina poses the risk of one or both tanks getting broken or damaged in the move. This is not a major issue, but my Mother-in-Law has a phobia of snakes. When we got them, we had no idea we would be moving to Illinois. Had we known this, we would not have gotten the snakes at all.

Bill has taken great care of them over the past few years, but I can’t have my MIL deathly afraid of coming into the house once we are home. The snakes are not attached to us the way our dogs and cats are, so we decided finding them a new home was okay in this one circumstance. Again, I don’t agree with getting rid of pets because “we don’t have time” or “they are getting too old,” etc. etc. (I often volunteer for an animal rescue, and I’ve seen it all. I really don’t talk about the rescue work because that is not why I do it. I can’t stand when people do things and then get on the internet and say “look at me….I’ve done something good.” UGH! I hate that. It’s the quickest way for me to unfriend/unfollow you!)

I digress.

While I would not give up one of my dogs or cats, even if I had to live in the street, we sought a new home for the snakes. Now since we are buying a home and about to move 1,000 miles away, I’ve been working as much as I can. I have one job 5 days a week. The second job is then 2 nights a week, until 3:30 am.

Between job 1 and 2, I come home and sleep. Last weekend, I came home from job 1 and tried to catch some sleep before job number 2. Bill takes Talia to the pet store to get food for the snakes. When he doesn’t come home in a reasonable amount of time, I call him. I need him home to care for Liam so I can get some sleep.

He answers the phone and proudly announces he’s found a great home for the snakes. At this point, I don’t care. I’m in the middle of 7 straight shifts, 2 of them being overnight.

Then he lowers the boom. “Oh, but here’s the part you won’t like….” he starts. I’m still half asleep, so I don’t care…yet….

“I got Talia a bunny!”


“What do you mean?”

“I mean, she wanted the bunny, so I’m getting her one from the people taking the snakes.”

I am now awake….WIDE awake.

“She’s TWO!” I remind Bill.

“I know, but she can learn how to properly take care of pets.”


“But this one is her own pet.”


Do you see why I’m getting grey hair? Shit like this!

Bill goes on to make the trade and I go to the next job. I’m not happy, and I really don’t care if it’s cute or not. I’m also aware Talia would forget about it in a day or so.

Bill then posts a picture on the internet. I’m at work when I get a message from one of my BFF’s, Selena. The photographer. The newborn photographer. Do you see where this is going?

Shes dying to know if we really got a rabbit and if she can do a newborn session with it. Meanwhile, all the money I made that shift went to rabbit toys, bedding, hay, and just dumb rabbit stuff I didn’t want to spend money on.

I WILL give my husband this. Every time he and Talia go into the kitchen, when they get up, and when they go to bed, he does have her “check the bunny” to see if it needs food, water, litter change (oh, yes….I bought it a litter pan), or new toys.

I’m not happy about the rabbit….but it’s growing on me. Without further adieu, meet Gizmo:

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P.S. The snakes are doing GREAT! They hit the jackpot on a loving home!


The Tail of Two Lizards

This morning I woke up to a tail on my kitchen floor. No animal attached, it was just a tail. It was small and resembled the crunchy pieces of calamari (before breading of course). It was wiggling and writhing around. I did not scream though…why? Because we’ve been through this before…..

Thankfully Bill heard me when I called him. He came running into the kitchen from the bedroom….completely naked.

“Looks like a lizard,” Bill commented as we both stood over it while Gretzky, our cat pounced in the corner. We both looked and saw the other half of a lizard in his mouth!

Gretzky the cat, not the hockey star…

Now picture me, in PJ’s, half asleep, Bill standing there naked, and the two of us trying to extract the body of a small lizard from our cat. Great mental image, right? We got the lizard and put him on a nearby cutting board. I had to bring the thing outside, because, well Bill is naked, and it isn’t that kind of neighborhood.

Once one of Bill’s snakes got out and I used grilling tongs to put it back in the cage. Apparently this is wrong, so I was relieved when he handed me the cutting board and did not fuss at me about it.

I let the little guy go outside and we are praying the tail grows back and he is okay!

The reason I did not panic is because the last time this happened, I did panic, and I now know how to react. We had a rescue iguana named Hulk, and one of the dogs once stepped on his tail breaking it clean off. I rushed him to the vet and he ended up being okay. Most of his tail grew back and we had him another year before he passed away of old age.


Sounds crazy, but I miss this guy!!!!

Speaking of our zoo…if you’re wondering how the kitten is doing, here is a picture of Talia and the kitten taking care of business together. She was on an important phone call while taking notes on something. Thank goodness the kitten, affectionately named “Puck” like in hockey, was nearby to help!


Every find anything crazy your cat brought in? What was it? Tell us about it in the comments!



Moving On Up!

I haven’t posted much, other than my rant on the whole Harper Lee situation, which is still fascinating to watch because now Lee is upset at some of the reaction she has received. People are just being jerks, but then again, I did pose the question, “Is Harper Lee literary crazy?”

Anyway, over the weekend, I’ve had to take it easy because ready or not, baby should be here soon!

Bill has been saddened by the passing of our iguana, Hulk, but this weekend, we took Hulk’s tank and gave Patches (she’s our/his Ball Python) a new home….

Here Bill is placing her in her new home!
Here Bill is placing her in her new home!
She immediately took to exploring!
She immediately took to exploring!
So many new places to explore!
So many new places to explore!
Always good to stretch completely out!
Always good to stretch completely out!
Then Isis noticed something was different. There was someone new in the BIG tank....
Then Isis noticed something was different. There was someone new in the BIG tank….
So Patches became the evening entertainment.
So Patches became the evening entertainment.
Isis must have had flashbacks to fishing in the fish tank I had a long time ago. She was not a great fisherwoman, thankfully!
Isis must have had flashbacks to fishing in the fish tank I had a long time ago. She was not a great fisher-woman, thankfully!
Then Bill asked Oak (our black lab) where Patches was....he found her!!!
Then Bill asked Oak (our black lab) where Patches was….he found her!!!
and then wouldn't leave her alone!
and then wouldn’t leave her alone!