Good Grief!

Good Grief! If you read my last post, you know I went to start school on Monday only to find out I had been erroneously purged from the system. I marched across campus immediately (okay, my pregnant ass more like waddled….but it was, as Bill would call it, a turbo waddle, because I meant business!) and went to the Registrar. They admitted they made a mistake and told me it would have to go to the Dean. She took my phone number and told me to hang around campus until it was fixed.

Good thing I didn’t listen and went home instead. It was not until Tuesday, after several phone calls TO the college (they had not called me like they said they would) and three emails, one of which went to EVERYONE in the President’s office, I finally got a call it had been fixed.

Once I had sent that final email though, I started to have doubts. What if it was a sign I needed to not enroll in school? What if I’m not meant to finish? What if I need to focus on the new business or my writing. Then my mother chimes in “what if you’re about to get a major book deal?”

Way to go mother….now I’m going to overthink it……get my hopes up, and then……well, the phone rang. The guy on the other end CLEARLY did not want to make the call to me, probably because he read my email and was afraid of me yelling, but he assured me it was fixed and we moved on.

Fast forward to this morning and I’m in the dreaded math class. The good news is I was switched to a math class with a teacher I know and who is great. The bad news, I was a few minutes late because 1) my wallet went missing (Talia) and 2)…..well….Starbucks.

Being 34 and in a basic math class means I’m mixed in with a LOT of 18 year old kids. I don’t like 18 year old kids. Why? Because they are obnoxious and talk the whole time. The girl next to me today was no exception.

It was almost entertaining in a way. If I had not been so bent on concentrating on my work (which is hard with ADHD to begin with) I would have found it amusing. I was sitting next to a girl who had another girl on the other side (we are at round computer stations) whom she apparently knew. They spent the entire 2 hours gossiping and whining about “all this math which is just too hard.”

She spent most of her gossip session talking trash about other girls they had gone to high school with. She would talk about how this one wanted to hang out with her and how she hated that one. She then would end her sentences with “but I’m going places with my life.”

She insisted she was going places with her life several times….and then she dropped the bomb…… She was dead serious, but I could not help but bust out laughing, probably like a hyena, in a rather quiet computer lab.

“So and so is also pregnant, can you believe it? She wanted to hang out but I’m going places with my life and ….oh, there are only 286 more days until 4/20….” (I don’t remember the exact number so don’t quote me if you’re counting….) but SERIOUSLY??? Who counts down the days until 4/20???? You must be some EXTREME pot head….but you’re going places with your life….

I don’t know about you, but the calendar I use is for doctor appointments and deadlines….not drug based holidays!

Now if you’re into pot, I don’t really care. It’s not my thing, but I once had a roommate who was an extreme pot smoker and other than the smell, I just don’t care. I mean, if being lazy and eating everything in your house is your thing, that’s fine with me. I wouldn’t care if it was legal either, but I’m guessing “Miss I’m Going Places” doesn’t function well when high. She looked straight today, and I’m pretty sure she completed three whole math problems in two hours….

I digress.

The good news is my other two classes are online. Also, this math can be mostly done at home because it’s a computer program, but I have to go there to take the tests. There is one test a week. I’ve ridden this rodeo before (I’m so horrible at math) and I HAVE to complete this for graduation in May because I have like 3 more maths to take. I’m confident I can do it…with Bill’s help.

In the back of my mind though, I keep thinking “What if my mother is right? What if I am about to get a book deal?” or, what if the new business is about to take off? Do I abandon ship and focus on those things, or FORCE myself to finish and graduate? I suppose I should wait until I get to that bridge when it comes, but it is fun to daydream!

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It’s a Hockey Life Thing

I’m not a sports person.

I don’t play sports. I don’t run, I don’t work out, I dread football season because I don’t want to hear about it.

I don’t watch sports….EXCEPT Ice Hockey.

I LOVE ICE HOCKEY!!!! (I AM a New Englander, after all!)

Bill also loves Ice Hockey….

So naturally, we couldn’t wait to bring Talia to her first game. The best part? The Stingrays made history the night we brought her (Friday)…they also haven’t lost a game since she was born! I think that makes her a good luck charm…also, if we weren’t moving over the summer, I would say they need to give us season tickets to keep the momentum next year. They won their 14th straight game that night! Since then they’ve won two more!

We bought special ear protection for her, but tough girl wanted nothing to do with it. She didn’t seem upset at any of the noise though, even when they scored and the crowd would go nuts. She slept through most of it actually.


I just love this picture of Bill holding her. He’s just such a great daddy!


Of course I needed one with her, too.


I always look so silly trying to do “selfies.” Ugh!


Yes, I freaked out a bit when Bill handed her over to the mascot (who willingly took her).

I also started baking again last week. I had to make 45 Mudd Pies. Let me tell you, it’s great to be back where I belong….IN THE KITCHEN!!!


This is our signature pie. It’s a chocolate crust with a soft, baked chocolate bottom, topped with pudding and whipped cream. We boxed them up for bridal shower favors. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to get back to baking full time.

In the meantime, the first half of the semester is now over. Since they split the semesters in half, I’m actually done with 3 classes this semester already. I pulled 2 A’s and 1 C. The C was for a class I HATED because of the content and format, so I’m not too upset. Also, I did manage 2 A’s, so I’ll focus on the positive. I also had a baby this semester. I think I get extra points there.

Tomorrow we have an appointment at the pediatrician for Talia and then I head over to school to submit my application for graduation. I’m not getting a degree, but a Professional Writing Certificate. Who knows when I will get around to taking the math and lab science (both require I go on campus) so I’ll take my certificate! I still get to walk in graduation and it’s something I’ve really worked for, so I’m excited! I also missed my high school graduation, so I’m due for getting a cap and gown!!!

With the rest of this spring break I’m working on my sample chapter for my book “Literary Crazy” about mental illness and our most beloved writers. It should be done before we go back to school on Thursday. Talia is a DREAM baby, so I’m getting a lot done!

Ciao for now!

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Well, Hello December

I don’t even know where to start!

Thanksgiving was awesome as I got to see my dads family AND my cousin Stephanie revealed some big news.

Actually my grandmother spilled the beans.

I was on the couch while grandma was at the other end talking to my cousin Shea. Technically, Shea is dating Stephanie, so he’s not blood related, but my family doesn’t care about that! Anyway, my grandmother asked Shea about the baby, and I overheard it….

“WHAT BABY, SHEA?” I wanted to know.

Shea hesitated. He can’t lie to me. It’s actually cute. He said he thought about telling me they got another dog (apparently it’s a family thing…not just Bill and I…..we ALL have rescues). As Shea stood there fidgeting, I took maters into my own hands and pushed passed him and my tiny grandmother (she’s MAYBE 80 pounds and 4’8″….she’s your quintessential¬†Italian grandmother). I marched into the kitchen (which is a HUGE NO-NO when Aunt Lani is cooking) and demanded to know from Stephanie “what baby is Shea hiding?”

Sure enough, Stephanie is 10 weeks pregnant, which is so exciting for both of us since the kids will be close in age!

Bill and my dad came back in the house and in typical Tina fashion, I yelled out before anyone could say anything “STEPHANIE AND SHEA HAVE TO TELL YOU GUYS SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I can’t keep a secret. I just can’t. I give Christmas presents in November because I get so excited. I’m THAT person in the family.

Thankfully, my family gets me and Stephanie told my dad and Bill, who are both also excited. Grandma is 92 and has no idea she spilled the beans! It’s actually rather funny.

Back in Charleston the next day, Bill actually went with me to look at baby furniture on black Friday (this is HUGE for a combat vet with PTSD. In general, crowds are a BAD thing. Marines are trained to know where everyone is, what they are doing, and what they are about to do. Having so many people in an uncontrolled environment has to be complete chaos in their minds, and they tend to shy away from large groups.) It makes sense, but Bill wanted to look at baby furniture AND the recycle store for kids (think Goodwill for kids, but BETTER!) was having a 30% off the ENTIRE store sale. I’m so proud of Bill! He did great! We found a stroller for under $50.00, some clothes, and a sleeper, bouncer, thingy. I have no idea what it is, but she needed it!

Monday morning Bill woke me up at 0430 freaking out because at 0930 we were having an ultrasound and he couldn’t wait.

Both Bill and I were married before and he lost a son when his ex-wife was 7 months pregnant. She had preclampsia and did not know it (because she wasn’t going to the doctor like she should have been!) and so their son passed away. Bill was fighting in Iraq when it happened and had to fly home on emergency leave. They then returned him to Iraq (ugh) and when he returned to the states a few months later, his now-ex was sleeping with all of Camp Legeune. Bill is much more reserved about it than I am. I hate her for what she did to him. He didn’t deserve that in the least!

Anyway, I explained the situation to one of the midwives where we are having Talia (she also happens to be former military.) She decided to do another ultrasound for us since this is about the time in the pregnancy when Riley was lost, just to reassure Bill.

At 0730 Bill came in the bedroom and pounced on me to get up. Then he started texting me from throughout the house to get up so we could go see our baby girl. I watched him watch the ultrasound. You never saw a more proud daddy!

We went to breakfast after the ultrasound and got a call from his buddy Josh. I’ll make it short. Josh found out he was a baby daddy through a DNA test yesterday, and when he took a bunch of xanex and then came over and drank, he passed out on our couch. I called his parents so they knew he was safe. Turns out Josh is a recovering drug addict and we had NO idea. Some things did not add up, and we only knew him about a month, but I’m glad his parents came and got him and he is out of our lives now. Bill and I were all about helping him get set up with the VA and getting his benefits, only to find out he is not entitled to them because of a dishonerable discharge due to drug use. The whole thing came as a shock, and I’m really glad we found out now instead of later!


I did not finish National Novel Writing Month. I am disappointed in myself, but I’m also trying not to be too hard on myself since I am pregnant, work full time, go to school full time, and have 5 dogs and a redneck to take care of. As it got closer to the deadline, I opted to not crank out words for the sake of a word count, but rather take my time and produce somewhat quality work.

I also did not get my book proposal finished and to my former professor on time. I did get him his pie for Thanksgiving though (priorities). So I’ll be working on the proposal more this week.


It looks like December is going to be just as busy….oh, and Bill and I get married in 26 more days. Thank goodness it’s nothing big….but damn….this girl is BUSY!